A batteries-included web framework for Node.js

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Use the same framework whether you're building a simple microservice or a complex user application.


Sensible defaults and composable middleware allow customization while keeping the codebase minimal.


Ruthless architectural decisions translate into high performance and maintainability.

# Features

✅   Web server based on Koa

✅   Fast routing through a tree-based router

✅   Optional logging through Pino

🚧   Optional session-handling and CSRF protection using Redis

✅   Optional database connection to PostgreSQL using knex and Objection.js

🚧   Optional, ready-to-roll user account system

✅   CLI for setup, migrations, seeding, and custom scripts

✅   Optional static file serving

✅   Optional Webpack integration

✅   Optional Server-Side Rendering (SSR) support

✅   Optional message queue pub/sub using AMQP / RabbitMQ

🚧   Optional worker setup to offload tasks/jobs via message queue(s)